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Interact with your customer throughout the checkout process and enhance the user experience with interactive and smart services

Benefit from real time business insights and data analysis via cutting edge services

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Take advantage of the most advanced platform and of unlimited, custom tailored and seamless services via our patented technology

Who we are?

At Oona, we believe all businesses should offer the very best services to their customers, regardless their size, industry or technology.

That is why we built the most powerful solution to help businesses to close the gap between their pain points, their needs, their capabilities and cutting edge technologies.

Driven by an experienced executive team skilled in retail, payment and cloud services, we offer a solution making complex technologies easy to use to everyone.

Oona is powered by Aava Mobile, the B2B leader of mobile POS technology with globally recognized and established products.

We implement pioneering payment and POS devices for and together with a great number of vendors who serve worldwide retailers.
The amazing Oona experience is powered by Intel® technology.


Each global industry, including retail, specialized retail, luxury and hospitality - and each organization - requires a strategic approach to excel their operations and to overcome business challenges.

Over the last 10 years, we have been working closely with customers to provide optimal solutions that help mitigate their business issues and help them to seize new opportunities. As vertical experts, we understand your business, and, as a result, our solution fits the requirements of the industries we serve, and it supports your evolving needs.

Creating value for business

Increase your
in-store traffic
  • Keep in touch with the customers before, during and after the visit throughout a seamless and innovative experience
  • Increase your
    revenue and margin
  • Deploy an efficient upsell and cross-sell strategy
  • Better understand your customers and increase their loyalty
  • Issue targeted and real time coupons and exclusive deals to the right customers for the right purpose
  • Think global and act local with a store-specific and/or individual business rules
  • Remove
    in-store frictions
  • Deploy limitless web-to-store and store-to-web sales channels
  • Simplify sales with self-checkout
  • Accompany and advise customers with in-store mobility
  • Understand customers' needs
    and react appropriately in real time
  • Collect, enrich and cross customer insights
  • Update, analyse and exploit data in real time
  • Individualize interaction with each unique customer
  • Keep all data secure, PCI and GDPR compliant
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    We’re hiring to build the future of commerce.
    Oona creates solutions that push boundaries to generate new opportunities. We’re looking for curious, collaborative, hard-working talents to join our team and help empower our customers.
    Entrepreneurial minds thrive with us.